Vapium Summit Reviews

“This is pretty smooth. Got it charging now. Looks as if its a simpler pax but more durable.

“I have used the vapium for a week straight with heavy use. Work’s great taste vapor it’s all there. I used it outside it was 5 below heated right up with clean vapor. Very easy to clean easy to use.”

“I’ve just spent two weeks with the Summit, and have been completely impressed. ”

“This thing is idiot-proof to both use and clean, perfect socially.
it is a conduction vape so be mindful. the screen trick works here too.
I use it mostly as a one-hitter surrogate and it has a surprising amount of flavor and cloud production.”

“Very impressed with this vape. I also own a MFLB, a Pinnacle and a FireFly, but this one could be the best based on my single use. < Simple to use, hi tech with 8 heat settings. Nice big clouds on setting 6. I like the army surplus look and feel, plus it's really small and easy to use."