Summit Vaporizer

What’s the best portable vaporizer?

That depends on a variety of factors. For some, it’s the Haze dual bowl vaporizer which is a great model worth a lot of praise, but for those of us that love the outdoors, the new Vapium Summit vaporizer beats out the competition by a long shot.

With its sleek and rugged frame and affordable price tag, the Summit Vaporizer is simply different.

Rugged, reliable and refined, Vapium truly pushed the limit to go beyond the standard technology in the industry.

Aesthetic Design and Feel

Being portable, you already know that this model is lightweight and small. However, this isn’t what makes this model stand out from the crowd.

Once you open the box, you’ll notice just how well-made it feels. It’s not polished wood or an elegant material, but it is constructed with the utmost in durability. If you happen to drop this model, it won’t break or become damaged – unless it’s a major drop.

Get To Know The Vapium Summit

The manufacturer states that they are going for a rugged look, which is exactly what you get with this model.

The grip is made of rubber on the back and actually adds a lot of functionality. What this does is it adds further insulation so that even in extremely cold weather, this model will work. If you look on the company’s website, you’ll see pictures of users out camping and on mountains with this vaporizer.

Ergonomic, the grip is texturized, so you don’t need to worry about it slipping out of your hand.

Note: This model has been tested in the snow and extreme cold conditions.

This model comes in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue

The grip is made to be: high strength and high temperature. Using polycarbonate with a thermoplastic urethane grip, you’ll have a very firm grip with no slipping or discomfort seen when used. It also reduces the chances of scratches or visible damage seen to the handle.

Magnetic Features

Meant for the outdoor man or woman, you’ll find that the Summit Vaporizer doesn’t just look rugged, it’s designed to be in a rugged environment. This is seen immediately with this model’s high-quality construction.

Lid Design

The lid is magnetic and features a tethered design. This means that when you take it off and go to put it back on, there will never be missing parts.

Snap-Together Assembly

Since all of the parts are made to be magnetic, this allows you to snap together this vaporizer in just seconds. It’s not a long process, and makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze. If you’re used to fiddling with small parts, you’ll love this model.

Smooth, Easy Draw

Do you prefer a smooth, easy draw with little resistance? The Summit Vaporizer is all-weather, so it needs to provide little resistance for users in ultra-cold areas. This actually adds to an exceptional draw that most vaporizers for weed or herb simply do not provide. For the first-time user or the avid vaper, this is a great option.

When this model was constructed, the engineers tried to create the perfect air pathway. This is done through the following:

  • A unique air pathway design.
  • Food and medical grade materials.

These food and medical grade materials are the real secret behind the reliable vaporization seen with this model. These materials are known to withstand immense temperatures and do not hold onto the taste of particles.

If you’ve used a vaporizer before and ever burnt herb, the taste will linger for a long time.

The materials used will not hold onto this taste, so every new batch of herb will provide a smooth, great-tasting draw each and every time.

One other feature of note that is often overlooked in portable vaporizer reviews is that the Summit Vaporizer has an automatic shutoff feature. This provides you with two major benefits:

  • Longer lasting herb
  • Added safety that eliminates burning

Using a conduction vape, the draw is naturally a little harder than other vape methods, but very easy compared to other conduction models. If you’ve used the Pax before, this model is a lot easier to vape with.

How To Use The Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Vapium Summit
Usage couldn’t be easier with the Summit Vaporizer. Let’s take a look:

  • Flip open the magnetic lid.
  • Fill the chamber with finely ground blends.
  • Fill the chamber ¾ of the way.
  • Lightly tamp the material.

Now you’re ready for the fun part. On top of the vaporizer, you’ll want to hold the Go Button down to turn it on. This will take about 3 seconds to complete. Once it’s on, you can change the temperature settings by hitting + or .

Temperature can be adjusted to 8 different settings. If you want a potent vapor, choose a higher setting. Most users find that setting 5 or 6 is ideal. What I do want to mention here is that the vaporizer will remember your last setting –you can turn it on and go when you find the right temperature.

There will be a green LED light that illuminates when your desired temperature is reached. I like to wait a few seconds to allow the chamber to fill up with vapor first before taking a draw. This will provide much bigger vapor clouds, so you have a strong hit each time.

What’s neat is that the automatic shutoff will engage after 90 seconds. This allows you to save herb. If you want to reheat the herb, simply hit the Go Button and the heater will reengage.

Battery Life

The taste is great, and for under $200, this is the handheld vaporizer I would have to recommend. If you’re wondering about the battery – which you should be – this model is powered with a lithium-ion battery.

Long-lasting, the battery is rated to provide 1 hour of continuous use at the high temperature of 410 degrees.

In comparison to the Pax, the vaping time is relatively the same.

There is a wall charger and a micro-USB adapter included with your purchase. In terms of actual charging, the battery also charges within an hour – so you never have to wait long. If you’re in a pinch and your battery is dead, you can still use the Vapium Summit when it is plugged in due to the pass-through charging technology.

Cleaning is Simple

When you’re done vaping, I highly recommend you clean up. This should be done with every vaporizer to achieve the best tasting vape.

Vapium made this as easy as possible.

  • Wipe the rubber grip clean
  • Use rubbing alcohol each week to clean the chamber.
  • Clean the mouthpiece and inner chamber.

Since the mouthpiece and oven lid are magnetic, simply pop them off and clean them. It’s so simple.

When you buy this vaporizer, you are also given a few tools to start the cleaning process:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Chamber screen
  • Alcohol wipes

Cleaning is a breeze and will only take a minute or two.


Real World User Reviews Of The Vapium Summit

I recommend this vape over ANY other vape on the market. It’s price is decent for the performance is satisfying.  -Steve S.


The Summit Vaporizer comes with everything you could want in a portable vaporizer. It is small and compact, durable and very easy to clean. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll find that this model can work on the top of a ski lift and won’t have any issues in extreme heat, cold or even the rain.

Easy-to-use, you have 8 temperature settings to choose from and can vape several times before needing to recharge the battery.

If you’re in the market for a new portable vaporizer, you’ll be blown away by the quality of Vapium. Update: The Summit Plus earned a 9.2 rating from

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